• James

    A few days ago many of us lost a good friend in James Golick.

  • South Texan Homesick Blues

    I don’t write restaurant reviews. That’s not a thing I do. This is not a restaurant review.

  • Respite

    My life has undergone some major changes (again) lately, and chief among them is that I no longer work at Tumblr.

  • Two Kinds of Gestures

    Touch-based interfaces are still in sort of an embryonic state. We’re not quite sure exactly what works yet, so we try a lot of different approaches.

  • What's The Deal With January?

    It has been a quite a year working at Black Pixel. I’ve gotten to work on a lot great projects (many of which I can’t talk about) alongside some of the finest people I’ve ever met. Hell, I even got to work on NetNewsWire. That’s pretty rad.

  • Steve

    Watching your heroes die is a strange, painful thing. Yet more strange is the death of one who you did not know personally. That’s the situation many of us found ourselves in when we heard that Steven P. Jobs had passed away.

  • Come Beer With Me

    So, as I type this I have 11 days and counting until I start the long drive from Austin to New York City. Realizing how little time I have left to pack and get my affairs in order, I figured it was time to set aside a night to have beers and say goodbye to all of my friends in Austin.

  • An Update on the Move

    So, a small update on my move to New York.

  • Moving

    I’ve lived in Texas for my entire life so far. 18 years in humid, boring Corpus Christi, a few years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and finally two years in Austin.

  • Knowing When It's Time to Leave

    I learned a lot in 2 years working at a startup. I really cut my teeth there, learning lots about engineering, design, business, and people.

  • Scared

    I get really scared of writing sometimes.

  • Wherein I Get Kinda Personal

    “It’s only temporary, things will get better.”

  • Changes

    In my previous post, I alluded to some big changes coming in the new year. So, in the interest of not burying the lede too much:

  • 2010 in Review

    Well, this thing has been pretty quiet for a while hasn’t it? I haven’t published anything since SXSW 2010 and SXSW 2011 is just around the corner.

  • SXSW 2010

    Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, and for good reason. SXSW starts this week and the last few months have been filled with long days and nights spent working on new stuff for Gowalla, including Gowalla 2.0 for iPhone.

  • 2009

    2009, without question, was the busiest, most disruptive year of my life to date.

  • An Update

    Well, It’s been months since I’ve posted anything here. Naturally, instead of writing something new, I decided to move my blog to Github Pages. Rational, right?

  • Putting on my Big Boy Pants

    On August 3rd I will no longer be a freelance developer. Gone will be the days of toiling away at home in a pants-less, caffeinated condition (which, understandably, has its pros and cons).

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