On August 3rd I will no longer be a freelance developer. Gone will be the days of toiling away at home in a pants-less, caffeinated condition (which, understandably, has its pros and cons).

No, on Monday I will start my exciting new job at Alamofire in Austin as Senior iPhone Developer. I’ll be spending most of my time working hard on Gowalla, an iPhone application I worked on previously as a freelancer. My new coworkers are really smart folks who are a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone there as well as working full-time on some interesting projects.

Luckily, the transition shouldn’t be too terrible. I’ll soon be able to walk to work at a very casual office with great people. Camping out in cafes can wait for the weekend.

Naturally, I’ll be moving into downtown Austin very soon as well, which I am very excited about. I’ve never lived downtown proper anywhere. Austin seems like a good place to start. (Friends: feel free to come visit.)

Part of the motivation for all of these changes was to make time for an array of personal projects that had been pushed far into the future by a busy freelancing schedule. It looks like I’ll have much more time to bring many of those projects to fruition quicker, and that makes me incredibly happy.

Note: This is just a short post to put me back in the habit of writing. I’m working on a piece about why I’ve stopped freelancing full-time (for the forseeable future) and what I learned from it. I’m also working on some pieces about things that have been on my mind related to iPhone/Mac development (both technical and abstract). Subscribe to the feed or follow me on Twitter if you’re interested in reading.