So, as I type this I have 11 days and counting until I start the long drive from Austin to New York City. Realizing how little time I have left to pack and get my affairs in order, I figured it was time to set aside a night to have beers and say goodbye to all of my friends in Austin.

So, this Friday (August 12th), I propose we meet at my favorite Downtown watering hole, The Ginger Man, for a night of beer-drinking, merriment, and goodbyes. I’ll probably head over around 8:30 and stick around until close. I’d like to keep it casual, so just stop by when you can for however long you can. (Disclaimer, the later you show up, the more likely I will sloppily hug you, so proceed accordingly.)

If you can’t make it, just shoot me a note and maybe we can arrange to see each other another time. Otherwise, please feel welcome to visit me.