So, a small update on my move to New York.

My trip out to NYC, ostensibly to find a place to live, was a great success. I was pretty nervous going into the apartment hunt given a lot of the horror stories I’d heard from friends about their experiences hunting for apartments in New York. To my pleasant surprise, I found my place on the second day of my trip and didn’t have to involve a broker. Maybe I got lucky.

My new place is in Williamsburg, very close to a subway stop and near many excellent bars, restaruants and parks. It’s in a recently renovated building, it’s affordable and it’s certainly not a shoebox of a place.

An aside, the best moment of the walkthrough:

AGENT: “So, there’s this really nice big closet. You’ll be able to fit all of your winter coats in here” PHILLIP: “My what?”

So, on August 19th, I plan to rent a truck and begin the long drive from Austin, TX to my new place in New York. I’m looking to find a co-pilot for the journey (some friends have kindly offered), but if that falls through I certainly wouldn’t mind a quiet drive by myself.

With less than three weeks until the move I have a lot of packing (and some downsizing of possessions) to do. Somewhere in those 3 weeks I’ll likely try to have some kind of Have Beers With Me Before I Leave sort of thing, so watch the Twitter for that if you’re interested.