A few days ago many of us lost a good friend in James Golick.

James was the real deal. No bullshit. He was kind, funny, witty, incisive, and absolutely brilliant.

We first met in person this summer after a long online acquaintence through IRC and Twitter. I remember being so anxious about meeting him (I was very intimidated) but one day he just bought me a ticket to a Brooklyn Nets game and invited me along. I’d say we were fast friends by the time we hit the escalator in the arena.

James had this amazing way of being a total realist, seeing all of the world’s flaws and acknowledging them, and remaining passionate and optimistic.

He was so fucking smart, but never postured or tried to show off. When he talked to you, he talked to you like a peer.

He worked so hard but he was also well-rounded. He lived life so fully and loved so much. I really looked up to him.

I’ll miss long talks with him over a night spent hopping between excellent cocktail bars, and I sure as hell won’t ever step into The Blue Note again without thinking of him and the amazing performances he showed me there.

I remember the night we were stuck under some scaffolding, taking shelter from the rain when he told me in that excited/confused/agonizing way that he had fallen in love. I am happy to know he left this life with that love fully reciprocated.

I am so sad to lose you, James, but I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with you. Your life will always be an inspiration to me and I will forever cherish our friendship.

You were a wonderful friend, and you were so loved.

Few people will ever be as dope as you were.